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Dec 10, 2015 Diet & Nutrition AMC Team 477 views

What: what is it?

Our Weight Loss Detox is a thoroughly researched combination of supplements, dietary choices and lifestyle suggestions all with the same aim of decreasing your weight and improving your overall health. This detox looks at ensuring that your liver is functioning optimally and that your digestive system is not holding you back from your weight loss goals. In order to achieve your weight loss goals, we believe that all pathways of elimination must be examined.

The liver is the main organ that deals with fat absorption and elimination. Rapid weight loss or a large amount of weight loss can often place a large amount of stress on the liver, especially if it was compromised to begin with. A history of unhealthy food choices, limited water and a compromised pathway of elimination (constipation) can place excess stress on the liver. If the liver is clogged up, or over worked, its function declines and fat elimination is compromised.

In addition to this, our clinical experience, along with breaking research shows that the health of your digestive flora can play a large role in your weight loss journey. Having an unhealthy balance of good and bad bacteria can not only lead to an overgrowth of bad bacteria, but it can also alter the way your body processes foods, particularly fats and sugars. We have found that addressing any parasitic, bacteria and/or fungal growth in the digestive system can often lead to long term benefits, often felt throughout the body.

Our Weight Loss Detox program involves six heavily researched and expertly selected supplements that we feel can influence and support your weight loss journey. This detox concentrates on your digestive flora and liver function, strengthening and detoxifying the body on multiple levels.

To get the best results from your detox program, it is strongly encouraged that all patients adhere to our detox diet. This diet consists primarily of ‘real food’ that is as close to its original ‘packaging’ as possible. This diet focuses on providing the body with nutritious foods that not only supply the body with quality nutrients, but similarly, do not burden the body with any excess digestion or external chemicals. This diet consists of numerous fresh fruits, vegetables, certain meats and beverages to enjoy, all of which is quite achievable for the average person.

Why: why would you do it?

In our everyday lives we are exposed to two to three thousand new-to-nature chemicals which are invented and released into the environment every year.  From continuing advances in manufacturing, farming, medicine, science and war, the legacy of the chemical age both past and present contaminates all aspects of our lives; air, water, soil and food. It has become fact; we are all exposed to toxins, generally on a daily basis. The way that our bodies deal with the toxins, is what separates one person to the next.

Ideally, when our body is exposed to a toxin, it neutralises and removes it efficiently. When the body is over worked, from excess toxin removal, from dietary and/or lifestyle influences, it may not be able to neutralise and eliminate the toxin immediately. When this occurs, instead of leaving a toxin to wreak havoc on the body, it places it in a fat cell, isolating it from the rest of the body. Once in the fat cell, it is considered ‘dealt with’ and the body moves on.

When a person enters a weight loss journey and they lose fat, they release the toxin back into circulation. At this point, the body tries to neutralise and eliminate it a second time, or it isolates it by placing it into another fat cell. At this point, the liver has to eliminate the fat cells as you burn them off, and neutralise and eliminate toxins as they become active, along with completing its normal day-to-day duties. This can place excess strain onto the liver, compromising its efficiency.

Further to this, once a person loses a significant amount of weight, isolating a toxin within a fat cell becomes a lot harder to do. When this occurs it has been discovered that the body then creates fat cells in order to isolate a harmful toxin. This further emphasises the importance of liver health whilst trying to lose weight.

Similarly, recent research has now shown a link between digestive flora and metabolic diseases. Diabetes has been related back to the lack of a certain digestive bug, and sugar metabolism can be affected by the presence of other harmful digestive flora. This is an area that is still developing, but its presence in a weight loss detox cannot be ignored. We have included a digestive component to our Weight Loss Detox program as well feel this sets each patient up for long term success.

When: when is the best time to complete a detox?

There are three main times that our Weight Loss Detox program would be recommended.

  • At the beginning of a weight loss journey.
  • When your weight loss has plateaued.
  • At the end of a weight loss journey.

These are the times that the body requires the thorough clean. These are the times that the body will benefit the most from a detox. And these are the times that the body may need prompting to continue to weight loss journey.

If you have any questions, or you would like to do the Weight Loss Detox, please contact one of our naturopaths today. Suitability will be assessed individually.

Our goal while on the program.

Put simply, we like to see our patients get the best results. Prior to the detox we explain and prepare all patients for what is expected while on the detox. We provide an allowable foods list, lifestyle tips, tips to reduce toxic burden, instructions for how to identify toxic plastics, chemicals and cosmetics and handy tips to stay on track. We do our best to ensure that each patient knows how to get the best out of the program.

In addition to this, each patient receives weekly contact to check in and see how they are going. This is an ideal chance to ask any questions, check on your progress and ask for any help if needed. We also send out weekly recipes that can make cooking and eating that much more enjoyable. Further to this, each patient has the option of calling or email at any stage of the program, for if they have any further questions or concerns. Our patient’s success is our success.

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