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Jun 5, 2019 Symptom Relief Sharon Aaron 951 views

Are you tired of struggling with your weight? Are you ready to take control of your health and make lifelong changes?

We are all individuals and finding the right program for you is really important to our team of nutritionists and naturopaths here at AMC.

Currently we are running a 6 -12-week program that is proving to be a great success among many of our patients. It ticks so many of the boxes that are essential to weight loss.

This program addresses many of the most important aspects of weight loss.

  1. The way in which we run this program ensures that it focuses on eating real food, whole foods, breaking bad habits and losing the unwanted weight for long-term health.
  2. Accountability – speaking to someone regularly – once a week telephone or face to face consults with one of our qualified nutritionists or naturopaths.
  3. Guidance, education and motivation with a qualified nutritionist or naturopath.
  4. Taking ownership – patients commit to writing food diaries and weighing themselves at home once a week which ensures commitment and ownership of their own personal journey.
  5. Exercise programs, probiotics, supplements if needed– tailor made for you. Some clients love to have a shake or protein powder mixed with fresh berries whilst others prefer to get all their nutrients from whole foods. We work with each client individually and cater the program to suit their needs and make sure that it is easy to adhere to. Compliance is essential!

Remember being in the right mindset is paramount to the success of any weight loss program. Sometimes people need a health scare – a diagnosis of fatty liver, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes or metabolic syndrome. Sometimes it’s just timing and you are just so tired of being overweight and unhealthy! Whatever your reason; if you feel you are ready – call us and book today to speak with one of our weight loss consultants.

There are no quick fixes; if you are ready to change your lifestyle, develop new healthy habits with the support of our qualified nutritionists then this program is for you!


About The Author - Sharon Aaron

Sharon is a qualified nutritionist and a strict believer of using ‘Food as Medicine’. She feels strongly that lifestyle changes and making simple dietary changes can have a significant effect on our health.

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