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Controversy Corner:

On the 31st of August 2016, Channel Nine ran a story about the release of the new menopause drug, Prometrium. Dr Elizabeth Farrell from the Jean Hailes Foundation and Associate Professor John Eden from the University of NSW were both interviewed.

We at the Australian Menopause Centre are extremely pleased to reaffirm that, what we have been advocating for the last 13 years, is now being endorsed by both the medical profession and the Therapeutics Goods Administration (TGA) in Australia. The doctors at the Australian Menopause Centre have been prescribing micronised bio-identical progesterone since 2003 as a safer alternative to synthetic progestogen.


“Bio-identical progesterone lowers the risk of breast cancer
Associate Professor John Eden, who was initially a harsh critic of both Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy and the Australian Menopause Centre, has now publicly declared that this form of bio-identical treatment is safer than traditional synthetic HRT.

Associate Professor John Eden explains, “It’s safer [micronised progesterone] and has fewer side effects. The French have produced a number of large studies using natural oestrogen and natural progesterone, not synthetic, showing a lower risk of breast cancer than when you use synthetics. In my opinion it’s the biggest breakthrough in menopausal medicine for the last 20 years. “

According to the Channel Nine presenter, Peter Overton, bio-identical progesterone lowers the risk of breast cancer.

Dr Gary, Aaron from the Australian Menopause Centre says, “Menopause is experienced differently by each individual and on average will last 8 years. The symptoms and signs change through the course of menopause, so management is better achieved by individualising each person’s dose.

Our doctors at the Australian Menopause Centre have known about the benefits and safety of micronised progesterone for the last 13 years. Each patient is individually assessed and her treatment is prescribed accordingly. Over 2000 different combinations of treatment can be prescribed based on each individual’s symptoms. The Australian Menopause Centre prides itself on providing a comprehensive monthly follow up and monitoring service while patients are on their treatment program.”

Dr Albert Salmona from the Australian Menopause Centre says, “the doctors at the centre have never prescribed the dangerous synthetic progestogens. Instead they use the plant-derived, physiological (bio-identical) hormone, progesterone, supported by decades of research and wide clinical use in France.”

What sets us apart from a single dosed medication?

Over the years the Australian Menopause Centre has treated more than 75,000 women. Rarely are symptoms controlled by a single dose and in fact it is more likely that throughout the process, many changes are warranted. We too, note that the introduction of bio-identical oestrogen and other nutritional supplementation are often necessary to achieve the relief for the patient. Careful monitoring and support of the patient’s symptoms can never be underestimated and is the basis of our treatment program. The Australian Menopause Centre offers an individualised treatment program Australia-wide for hormonal imbalances and prides itself on providing women with the opportunity to access a more natural hormonal treatment no matter how remote they may live.