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When going through menopause, it can be very difficult to find a management plan that works best for you and your body. The ultimate goal of any management plan is to reduce the overall impact of the symptoms and make the entire menopause process easier to handle. One of these treatment methods is bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), which provides the effectiveness of regular hormone replacement therapy with a more natural approach.

Commercially available and compounded Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) has been widely praised as a method of managing menopause symptoms. Compounded prescriptions allow for further customisation and the therapy aims to create a more accurate balance between hormones. Patients have reported that achieving good results with this treatment was easy as the dosage is able to be customised to suit their own needs. Also, when the time came to come off the treatment, weaning off the treatment by adjusting the dose down worked very effectively, allowing the body to come off treatment completely without any residual symptoms.

What is Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)?

In a typical HRT (hormone replacement therapy) treatment, the hormones used are derived from animal or artificial sources. BHRT, however, extracts hormones from a natural plant based source, achieving a hormone that has a structure that is identical to what the body produces naturally.  The hormones used in BHRT are identical at a molecular level to the hormones produced by our own body.

The advantages of BHRT

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy has some very significant benefits when compared to conventional HRT. Even Oprah Winfrey spoke of experiencing a significant change in her quality of life just three days after taking BHRT treatment. Winfrey stated that she found “the sky was bluer, her brain was no longer fuzzy, and her memory much sharper”.

Generally, the three main advantages of using BHRT are:

1. Specialised treatment

With conventional HRT, your dosage and treatment plan are generic and basic, which can lead to some serious issues for people with unique situations. When undergoing BHRT, you consult with a doctor and work out a personalised, custom treatment plan that will benefit you the most. This is also very beneficial when it comes to the end of your treatment, as the dosage can be decreased accordingly, making it much easier to taper off the treatment than other conventional therapy plans.

2. Balanced approach

BHRT aims to create a balance of hormones that allows your body to continue performing at optimum levels, reducing the symptoms of menopause and making the entire process easier to manage.

3. Identical to naturally occurring hormones in the body

Unlike conventional HRT hormones, BHRT hormones are molecularly identical to the ones naturally occurring in the human body. This helps to avoid any side effects and allows the body to continue to perform naturally while undergoing its changes. Symptoms such as hot flushes, mood swings, and sleeping problems improve and mostly, if not completely, disappear. This allows for a more natural approach to menopause therapy.

Talk to the doctor

Everyone’s body and condition is unique, making it vitally important for you to talk with the doctor and start the conversation about BHRT. Discuss your concerns and talk about what’s right for you and your needs. Ask about bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and discuss what other treatment and management plans could be right for you.

Your health and lifestyle are important, so don’t take the risk – talk with a medical expert today.

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