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Sep 17, 2013 Wellness Tips Samantha Mainland 497 views

Fish oils contain certain key active compounds known as EPA and DHA. These compounds have different effects on your body and may assist in reducing inflammation, supporting cognitive function and maintaining healthy cholesterol levels. The purity of the oil is important because oils can contain higher levels of toxins than you want to expose yourself to and oils that are rancid will do you more harm than good. The oils you have at home may in fact be not that good for you.

Why use a Metagenics MetaPure Fish Oil?

  • Individual high strength EPA and DHA options for condition-specific prescribing, so you get faster results for your individual needs.
  • Highly cost effective. Great value for money.
  • One of the most concentrated fish oils on the market for maximum benefit and value with minimal dosing.
  • One of the purest fish oils on the market. This helps to minimise toxin exposure often in oils and so your cells are getting the best.
  • Deodorised and naturally flavoured to reduce fishy taste.
  • Minimal reflux.
  • Manufactured by a highly ethical company. So you know what you are getting is sustainable, pure, fresh, and extensively tested.
  • “Free from” list is available so we can avoid any allergens and irritants.
  • No added sweeteners.
  • Oils sourced from eco-friendly sustainable fish sources and are certified by “Friends Of The Sea”.
  • Liquid – convenient once a day dosing.
  • Capsules – flavoured option and enteric coated options to avoid after taste or reflux.

With a Metagenics fish oil you only need 1 teaspoon a day or up to 4 capsules. To get the therapeutic dose of the active compounds from the oil you are presently taking will need to take 9 or more capsules a day. This makes it a lot more expensive in the long run. Most people we speak to only take 1-2 capsules per day of an over the counter fish oil and would not receive the daily therapeutic dose. This means people don’t get the desired effects from their fish oil and stop taking it.

A little tip…

  • Liquid MetaPure EPA/DHA -Once you open your bottle keep it in the fridge to keep it fresher. When you unscrew the cap you will see a gold seal. Leave it on and make a little hole in one side and a slightly bigger hole in the other side and this will act as a pourer to reduce oil dribbles.
  • Capsules MetaPure EPA/DHA – These too can be kept in the fridge to keep fresh.

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About The Author - Samantha Mainland

Samantha is a highly educated Naturopath having graduated from both Southern Cross University with a Bachelor of Naturopathy, and University of Tasmania with a Bachelor of Medicine Management with Professional Honours in Complementary Medicine.

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