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Dec 31, 2018 Controversy Corner Ron Loftus 345 views

We have enemies too. So, by definition, we have stood up for something. For almost two decades of helping women with their hormonal health, we have faced opposition and hostility.

Does this mean we gave up? No! Although in the past we have had to change what we were saying in order to avoid being tied up for years in legal battles, while trying to fight vested interests with limitless funds and coteries of paid lackeys to tie us up into protracted, expensive and time-consuming battles. Whilst convinced of the rightness of our beliefs continued struggle would only result in bankruptcy for us before we even got close to winning the day.

So, we did not give up, but we did moderate what we were saying, and we did conform to the rigid strictures placed upon us. The old saying – ‘you can’t fight City Hall’ rings true. So how do you fight on?

Well, you moderate your stance, but quietly go in the direction you believe is right and ensure that while not treading on too many toes, you still continue to get your message across.

Interestingly, over the years, the very things that we were restrained from saying are now being said by the very people that used every means at their disposal to stop us from saying, as far back as 2006!

What do they have in their favour? They are regarded as credentialled experts. More to the point, they are the favoured credentialled experts because they are willing to say and do the bidding of their wealthy and powerful benefactors. Some of them have been found wanting in the telling of the truth and even have been exposed for this yet have managed to evade being held to account. Why? It does not take a genius to work it out. Where there are deep pockets, there are always ways of manipulating and hiding the truth.

The Australian Menopause Centre has been honoured to help women in Australia and in other parts of the world, to receive support and encouragement to enable them the benefits of more natural treatments for their hormonal health. We have striven to support them throughout, with professional help, listening ears and empathy. Women will always find us available to guide them, willing to assist them and supportive of their needs.

Despite the difficulties we have faced since we first opened our clinics, despite the critics and antagonists we are committed to keep going.

Enemies, Sure we have them. Friends, we have then too! Success stories and happy healthy patients we have tens of thousands.

Thank you to all who have supported us, continue to support us and who are helping us to get the word out- help is always at hand at the Australian Menopause Centre.

Ron Loftus

About The Author - Ron Loftus

Ron Loftus is the General Manager of the Australian Menopause Centre and leads the team here with his in-depth knowledge of the medical industry. His detailed and focused approach to every matter ensures our centre is the best in patient care and offers an uncompromising service of the highest quality.

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