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Burning tongue or burning mouth syndrome is a very painful symptom of menopause whereby pain occurs on the roof of your mouth, lips, your tongue, particularly the back of the tongue and tip of the tongue, even throughout your mouth. Whilst it is not one of the most common symptoms of menopause, women are several times more likely to develop this symptom and it is a problem for painful problem for those unfortunate enough to develop it.

What is it?
Women starting their menopause who experience changed to their hormones are more likely to develop burning tongue. It has been described almost like the tongue or mouth has been scalded although no visible trace or signs are evident in the mouth or on the tongue. Medically there are several names that might be used to describe burning tongue or burning mouth syndrome with glossodynia being the most common name.

What causes Burning Tongue?
Oestrogen is an important contributor to the production of saliva and in menopause the resulting decline in oestrogen production can result in the inability to create sufficient saliva resulting in a burning tongue or mouth. Whilst the condition can occur in younger people, it is generally more common in women in their 40 and 50 or older. Pain can be either gradual, spontaneous or sudden and can be related to a preceding event such as anxiety or depression.

Patients usually report that the burning sensation might disappear when they have awoken after a night’s sleep but reappears after the first meal. It then becomes continuous and reaches maximum intensity by late evening.

Are there other causes of Burning Tongue?
Although menopausal women are more likely to suffer this symptom, it is important to note that there can be other causes which can include medications, anaemia, certain food allergies, dental issues, smoking, nerve damage, poor diet or deficiency in certain vitamins as well as reflux and gastric disorders.

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