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Dizziness can be a symptom of menopause although not as common as some of the other symptoms that women suffer. Dizziness can be caused by changes to hormones which occur at menopause. Whilst many women suffer from night sweats, hot flushes, stress and anxiety, dizziness may not necessarily be present for all menopausal women.

What is Dizziness?
Dizziness can be described as a feeling of light-headedness, feeling off balance and uncertainness in regard to balance. You may feel faint or woozy to the point you feel you may actually faint. It can affect the ears and the eyes. In menopause these feelings of dizziness may be for short periods of time and may not last for very long periods but still are of concern, leaving you feeling disoriented and out of sorts. It is not a disease, it is just related your hormones.

There are a number of signs, characteristics and symptoms associated with dizziness. Dizziness, should not be confused with vertigo or disequilibrium. Vertigo for example is characterised more like a feeling of spinning, leaving a person with that sense that everything around them is moving.

So, what are the causes of Dizziness?
There are several causes of dizziness that are fairly common and these include dizziness attributed to alcohol consumption, certain medications, dizziness caused through migraine or even a problem with the inner ear which is responsible for the maintenance and regulation of balance. If you are concerned that your dizziness may be caused by any of these, consult a medical professional.

In menopause we can trace the symptoms of dizziness to hormonal changes, particularly with the decline of oestrogen, resulting in changes in the nervous system, which in turn, affect certain blood vessels bringing about dizziness.

It is important to note that whilst in menopause, dizziness can be a symptom, you may find that there are other causes from simple things like the flu or a cold and certain medications to more serious causes like an infection, stroke or heart condition.

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