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As women approach Menopause, they can develop heart palpitations. The changes in hormone levels can make the heart pound or flutter. This symptom of fluttering or pounding is commonly called heart palpitations. Often the heart palpitation occurs in the middle of a hot flush which is also associated with menopause.

Heart Palpitations give that feeling of the heart beating at a faster rate than normal, similar to that of your heartbeat after strenuous exercise. The feeling can be unpleasant with the sensation radiating through the chest and giving women that constant awareness of the beating of the heart.

What are the causes?
Fluctuations in hormone levels during menopause, in particular the hormone oestrogen, bring about heart palpitations. Other causes such as caffeine, nicotine or alcohol consumption, medications, exercise or stress. Non – hormonal causes may also be an overactive thyroid or medications used for thyroid conditions, dehydration, low blood pressure or low blood sugar levels.

Declining levels in oestrogen have been shown in studies on peri menopausal women to be linked with irregular heartbeat. This increase in heart palpitations is not dangerous but can add to the effects of other symptoms of peri menopause, contributing to anxiety, worry and stress.

Heart palpitations brought about by menopause are most often temporary with heart rhythm returning to normal at the end of menopause. Many women find that their heart rhythm goes back to normal once they’ve finished the menopause transition.

It is believed that Oestrogen levels prior to menopause offer protection of the blood vessels and so after oestrogen production ceases, the protection it provided to the blood vessels and cardio vascular system is gone. For this reason, some women continue to take oestrogen supplementation.

Other Causes
While changes in levels of oestrogen during peri menopause and menopause are more likely to be the most likely reason for irregular heartbeat and heart palpitations, it is wise to also ensure that you have a healthy diet and are taking regular exercise.

There are other causes of heart palpitations and it is recommended that you consult with your medical practitioner to check for atherosclerosis or hardening of the arteries which can increase the risk of stroke and possible heart attack.

Some other causes of heart palpitations include alcohol, caffeine and nicotine intake, hard exercise, irregular heart rhythm, stress, low blood pressure, certain medicines, low blood sugar levels, fever and dehydration.

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