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Dr SABA is a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioner and member of the Irish College of General Practitioners. He received his primary medical degree in 1989, and has been working as a medical practitioner in Australia since 1995. As a General Practitioner, he has a great interest in mental health conditions. He has a commitment to training and continuous professional medical education and has recently completed his Master degree in Psychiatry.

Gina is a certified life coach who has been supporting her clients to reach their goals since 2011. Her niche is coaching women over 40 because of her own challenges with midlife and menopause.
She wrote a #1 best-selling book about female midlife relationships called ‘Ignite the Spark’.
Gina has a background as a scientist and teacher. She taught secondary science full time for over 30 years. Her passions include, her pet cats, travel, advocating for animal rights and the environment.

Hayley is a holistic nutritionist whose vision is to inspire and educate patients about food and lifestyle to positively enhance their health and wellbeing. She provides a safe and caring environment by listening, teaching and supporting people and working in partnership with them to strive towards good health and happiness.

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