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Sylk water based Personal Lubricant has been loved and trusted by women for over 30 years.

Sylk is a water based personal lubricant that is made from natural kiwifruit vine extract, the perfect ingredient for a vaginal lubricant due to its pH control being within the limits of 4.5 to 4.7 which matches the normal vaginal environment. Maintaining the pH balance is crucial for vaginal health.

It is what Sylk does not contain that makes it so special. Sylk is not made with any petroleum or animal derived ingredients, does not contain any parabens, silicon or hormones. Sylk is free from any flavorings, fragrances or coloring, is non sticky and non staining and can be used with condoms, and tampons.

Sylk has been loved and trusted by women for over 30 years, helping relieve the symptoms of vaginal dryness, a condition that is often over looked and misunderstood.

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