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New look, new logo

13 Dec 2018

We would like to announce the new logo for the Australian Menopause Centre. After fifteen years of sharing the journey of hormonal change with our patients we feel a butterfly logo is fitting for the transformation each and every patient experiences at this time in their life.

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Horror Stories

01 Dec 2018

As many of us will have family or friends that are in aged care and as many of us face the fact that we may need to be in an aged care facility in the not too distant future, it is I think, worth thinking about the impending Royal Commission into aged care in Australia.

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Are you travelling during the festive season? Jet lag tips!

30 Nov 2018

Luckily there aren’t too many downsides to long distance air travel but the ones that are can certainly be punishing. Screaming babies notwithstanding, jet lag is at the top of my list. Jet lag happens when we travel rapidly across time-zones and our body clocks (circadian rhythms) are disrupted.

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