About Dr Natasha Paul

Dr Natasha Paul graduated from the University of Tasmania and continued training in diverse areas of medicine at Launceston General Hospital and Westmead Hospital. Additionally, she has acquired experience in General Paediatrics at Westmead Children’s Hospital while completing the Sydney Child Health Program. During the pandemic, Dr Natasha spent a year serving the rural community of Kandos, NSW. In 2022, she returned to Nepean Hospital dedicating another year to Addiction Medicine.

Dr Natasha is deeply passionate about providing holistic healthcare, recognising the importance of physical, emotional, and social factors in well-being. She goes beyond merely treating symptoms, striving to understand the root cause of her patients’ health concerns. By tailoring personalised treatment plans to each individual, Dr Natasha ensures that her patients are empowered to make informed decisions regarding their health and overall well-being.

  • Registration number: MED0002221060
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