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We treat your menopause with care and understanding

The Australian Menopause Centre was founded out of a need for a more natural alternative to synthetic hormones and a desire to provide a listening ear and ongoing care during a difficult stage in a woman’s life.

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Why should you consider the Australian Menopause Centre?

These are just some of the many reasons why the Australian Menopause Centre
is a great choice for getting yourself back to health

Highly experienced menopause doctors with the right advice and expertise in treating hormonal imbalance (it’s all they do so they’re very good at it!).

Telephonic consultations and advice, at a convenient time and place to you We give you direct access to experienced menopause care, regardless of whether you live in Gladstone or Geraldton.

More natural hormone replacement therapies so your body responds the way it should, getting back to health comfortably.

Regular follow-ups to make sure you’re well and that your treatment is optimal.

Helpful and caring advice

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You’ll have a full team to support you through this

To provide you with the best care throughout your treatment program, we’ve assembled a fantastic team of staff with different specialties but all with the same level of dedication to you.


  • Our Doctors are experienced General Practitioners and Gynaecologists who have chosen to dedicate themselves to the study and treatment of Menopause. They keep up with the very latest advancements in hormone replacement therapy so you can be assured of the best advice.
  • Our Clinical team of highly trained, medically proficient and motivated professionals are available to assist you. Our team specialises in many varied aspects of health with special emphasis on hormonal imbalance.
  • Dedicated Patient Care Consultants that you can contact at any time with questions or for advice. We ensure that our patients get to know their consultants so that they have got a familiar voice on the phone whenever they need to call.