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What are some common menopause symptoms you may experience?

Hot flushes and irregular periods are two of the most common menopause symptoms that women will experience. Others such as night sweats, low libido and vaginal dryness are also common between women and you can find more information below about their prevalence, guides on how to seek support and the options available for menopause remedies prescribed by Doctors at the Australian Menopause Centre that will relieve your symptoms to carry on with your daily routine.

The symptoms of menopause may be different from one woman to another

Menopause symptoms are caused by what is called a hormonal imbalance usually between the age of 40 and 50. You are not the same as another woman and will experience different menopause symptoms during the stages of menopause. The 34 menopause symptoms listed below are what have been found as the main symptoms that a menopausal woman may feel at one point or another when their reproductive system has begun to come to an end.


Although a more obscure menopausal symptom, occurrences or exacerbations of allergies during menopause can occur. However it is not entirely known what the direct link […]

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What do we mean when we say, ‘menopause anxiety’? This term refers to the increased tendency for women experiencing menopause, peri-menopause or post-menopause to suffer […]

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What does the term ‘menopause bloating’ refer to? When we speak about menopause bloating, we’re referring to the very common (and uncomfortable!) symptom of bloating […]

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breast pain
Breast Pain & Tenderness

Breast pain during menopause refers to the discomfort and pain which women may experience throughout the different menopausal stages. Peri-menopause—the stage preceding menopause, in which […]

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burning tongue
Burning Tongue

What does the term ‘burning tongue’ refer to? Burning tongue menopause refers to a very, very painful symptom characterised by a burning sensation in your […]

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Depression and menopause have a variety of common symptoms, which can make differentiating between them challenging. But ‘menopause depression’, refers to the common and very […]

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digestive problems
Digestive Problems

Our digestive system is integral to the body and contributes to our overall health. By having a healthy digestive system, we can be assured that […]

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Though not as common as other menopause symptoms, occurrences of dizziness can affect some women during menopause. At this point, researcher are not completely certain […]

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The Arrival of Menopause Fatigue can be Persistent and Severe, Significantly Affecting your Quality of Life Hormone levels can rise and fall in variable ways […]

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hair loss
Hair Loss

Overview Menopause is a time in a woman’s life where many changes occur. These changes are mainly hormonal and can, in turn, influence our physical […]

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heart palpitations
Heart Palpitations

Skipped Heartbeats or a Racing Heart are Often Common Symptoms of Perimenopause or Menopause. These heart palpitations symptoms will often only last a few seconds […]

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Hormonal Headaches

Overview There is a strong link between migraines and the female sexual hormones – oestrogen and progesterone. Both perimenopause and menopause result from a change in hormone […]

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hot flushes
Hot Flushes (or Hot Flashes)

Overview During menopause the majority of women will experience both emotional and physical symptoms. The most common symptom that women complain about are hot flushes […]

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Decreased levels of Oestrogen during menopause can cause a thinning of the urethra lining leading to menopause incontinence. Pelvic muscles may weaken with aging, specifically […]

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irregular periods
Irregular Periods

Perimenopause, the time immediately preceding menopause, is a period of transition during which women can experience symptoms related to hormonal changes such as irregular periods. […]

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Irritability is a symptom affecting more than half of women in peri – menopause and menopause. Changes in hormone levels are believed to be the […]

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itchy skin
Itchy Skin

Overview Hormonal changes in menopause not only can result in hot flushes and night sweats but also can be attributed to problems concerning skin. It is […]

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joint pain
Joint Pain

Menopause and Peri menopause can bring with it joint pain. The changes in hormonal levels which occur during the onset and duration of menopause can […]

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lack of concentration
Lack of Concentration

Fuzzy thinking or general lack of concentration can be a common symptom of menopause and also in perimenopause. The difficulty of being able to think […]

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low libido
Low Libido

In menopause you may experience a change to your sex drive or libido. It is not uncommon at this stage of life to experience a […]

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memory loss
Memory Loss

For many women going through menopause, memory loss can be the most concerning symptom. They can lead women to believe their minds are receding into […]

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mood swings
Mood Swings

Overview A woman is defined as having entered the menopause stage when they have not had a period for 12 months (1). During the period […]

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muscle tension
Muscle Tension

As women approach menopause, many will notice the onset of muscle tension. This is a common menopausal symptom that is a normal part of getting […]

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night sweats
Night Sweats

Overview Night sweats are one of the most common symptoms of menopause, leaving women with disturbed sleep and resulting in exhaustion during the day as […]

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Osteoporosis is perhaps the most serious symptom of menopause because it can lead to severe health problems such as chronic back pain and broken bones. […]

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panic disorder
Panic Disorder

Panic disorder during menopause can become a very debilitating symptom for many women. Sometimes, for apparently no reason at all, a woman’s heart speeds, her […]

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sleep disorders
Sleep Disorders

Studies show that lack of sleep leads to decreased function in the daytime, including lack of concentration, irritability, and a weaker immune system. For women […]

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tingling extremities
Tingling Extremities

While not a common symptom of menopause and postmenopause, tingling extremities is an unsettling and unexpected symptom some women experience. This tingling can affect any […]

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vaginal dryness
Vaginal Dryness

Vaginal dryness, itching, irritation, and/or pain with sexual intercourse (know as dyspareunia) are common symptoms associated with vaginal atrophy. Changes in the vagina can also […]

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menopause weight gain
Weight Gain

Menopausal weight gain is one of the most common and frustrating complaints experienced by women, in middle age. Weight gain is normal and extremely common […]

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