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They specialise in treating hormonal imbalance in women

Our highly experienced menopause doctors are experienced general practitioners and gynaecologists whose expertise is in treating hormonal imbalance in women. They keep up with the very latest advancements in hormone replacement therapy so you can be assured of the best advice.

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Our Doctors

Please find details on our current doctors below:

Dr Gary Aaron

In 1984, Dr Gary Aaron was accepted into the University of the Witwatersrand and started a 3 year Bachelor of Science degree. In his first year he excelled in his course and was invited to enter into the Medical Faculty. He accepted and graduated five years later in 1989 as a Medical Doctor.

He completed his internship at Baragwanath Hospital in 1990. Throughout his time at medical school he continued to pursue his sporting activities. During this time he completed more than 30 marathons and ultra-marathons including two Comrades Marathons (90 km) in 1984 and 1985.

He also completed two iron man races (in 1985 and 1986) and multiple white water canoe races.

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Dr David Woodhouse

David Woodhouse has had extensive experience in various aspects of health care. These roles have included clinical obstetrics and gynaecology, Medical Directorships in the pharmaceutical industry, as well as administrative and leadership roles within the hospital system and the RANZCOG.

He originally trained as a specialist Obstetrician and Gynaecologist in Australia and the UK, practising at the Crown Street Women’s Hospital and the Caroline Chisholm Unit at Liverpool in South West Sydney. He holds fellowships of both the Royal and the Royal Australian and New Zealand Colleges of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists as well as a Masters in Reproductive Medicine and a Fellowship of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

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Dr Albert Salmona

Dr Albert Salmona joined the team at the Australian Menopause Centre early 2014 and brings a wealth of experience with him. He is dedicated to a form of medicine aimed at prolonging healthy lifespan.

His special interests are bio-identical hormones supplementation, menopause, andropause, health longevity, prevention of degenerative ageing, men’s health, cardiovascular health and metabolic health and obesity. He has a keen interest in acupuncture, oriental medicine, nutrition and lifestyle, counselling and the mind-body relationship. He has worked with herbalists, naturopaths and various body workers. His stated goal “is to use the latest scientific research to help you grow old as youthfully as possible”.Find Out More

Dr Nadira Khan

Dr Khan has many years experience treating the symptoms of hormonal imbalance. Dr Khan was a General Practitioner in the United Kingdom and worked also in Bangladesh as a GP. Dr Khan has also worked as a Medical Officer in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. She worked with the Australian Menopause Centre as a Clinical Assistant for more than 5 years and has recently rejoined the medical team as a consulting doctor.

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Dr Candice Chin

Dr Chin brings with her a wealth of experience and extensive medical knowledge and has been practicing medicine in Australia for more than 10 years.  Prior to coming to Australia she was a family physician in the Philippines focussing primarily on women’s and children’s health. She has a broad experience in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, having worked as a Medical Officer in the Australian public hospital system. As a GP, she has had experience in the treatment of hormonal imbalance for women of all ages. She has experience in telehealth/medicine and has been extensively involved in consulting patients in rural areas.

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