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Mar 21, 2022 Diet & Nutrition Movement & Exercise Recipes Wellness Tips Hayley Derwent 5,050 views

Getting to know the AMC Women

Have you been wondering who some of the staff are at AMC? Here’s a snapshot of a few of us, including women who we find inspirational.


  • I have been at AMC for 4 1/2 years
  • When I’m not working at AMC, I am a mum to three hungry boys so I do LOT of cooking!
  • I grew up in South East Asia – my Dad’s work took us there. I came back to Australia for high school. I went to boarding school for one year before my family came back to Sydney.
  • Another woman who inspires me is… how can I go past my mother? She is amazing! She is always able to find positives and brings humour to any situation. She cared for my dad during his battle with Parkinson’s and dementia and did so with so much love! I also really admire a good friend, Lauren. She is always smiling and finding good in other people and always has words of kindness for everyone. She holds multiple volunteer roles, while never asking for anything in return. She inspires me to be like her!


  • I have been at AMC for 10 1/2 years
  • When I’m not working at AMC, I am very involved with my grandchildren
  • I grew up in South Africa
  • Another woman who inspires me was my mother very caring and also very lovable.


  • I have been at AMC for 4 yrs
  • When I’m not working at AMC, I go to the Gym, do house chores (cooking, cleaning), have videoke , watch movies and play the guitar.
  • I grew up in Pasig City, Philippines
  • Another woman who inspires me is my mother. She was a very hardworking woman, at a very young age she already started working to support her family. She raised us well, she was a great wife to my Dad. Even though she has gone to heaven, I will always look up to her. She inspired me to work harder for my family and goals. She cooked delicious meals, and had so much love to give to everyone around her. 😊


  • I have been at AMC for almost 10 years. I started as a Junior Office Assistant helping out with whatever needed doing around the office – sometimes even going up the street to get milk for the office fridge.
  • When I’m not working at AMC, I am involved with my church parish and spoiling my nieces. Before COVID I would go to see the Sydney Symphony with my grandmother every other month to listen to Beethoven, Chopin, Rachmaninov, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Stravinsky and more. Looking forward to going back to the Opera House.
  • I grew up in Campbelltown, NSW with two older sisters and my younger brother, though I am actually number 7 of 8 kids – big age gap between my oldest brother and number 8.
  • A woman who inspires me is my sister (number 6 of 8) who, on top of raising 4 awesome kids with their dad often away from home for his job for sometimes weeks at a time, is currently studying for a nursing degree. So proud of you sis!


  • I have been at AMC for almost 7 years.
  • When I’m not working at AMC, I’m a wife, mother of three, Sea Scouts volunteer and keen gardener.
  • I grew up in Cuba until I was 16 years old and then moved to Venezuela, where I finished high school and went to university, before moving to Australia with my husband.
  • Another woman that inspires me is my mother, she’s 71, works full time as a doctor, university professor, researcher, and author. She’s been a wonderful mother and grandmother, she’s passionate and dedicated, my role model!


  • I have been at AMC for 8 years (wow!)
  • When I’m not working at AMC, I am playing with my two daughters and helping run a basketball club.
  • I grew up moving around a lot, but I spent my primary school years in the small country town of Cobargo (which was absolutely amazing!).
  • Another woman who inspires me is my mum – after multiple knock downs spanning her whole life, she is still peachy, pleasant and opportunistic. I have BIG love for my mum.




About The Author - Hayley Derwent

Hayley is a holistic nutritionist whose vision is to inspire and educate patients about food and lifestyle to positively enhance their health and wellbeing. She provides a safe and caring environment by listening, teaching and supporting people and working in partnership with them to strive towards good health and happiness.

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