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Jun 12, 2014 News AMC Team 955 views

Activance Hypoallergenic is the very latest development, The Sunday Telegraph 4 May 2014 boasts “For Hair Regeneration, a major scientific advance for hair loss.”

Gentle yet potent formula was once only available to professionals.

Recommended for men & women that suffer from:

  •          Psoriasis, eczema, inflamed/irritated scalp
  •          Thinning hair
  •           For medium to severe hair fall out (the stimulant is now recommended for slight to medium hair fallout to strength thinning hair, increase hair quantity and volume thus prevent further thinning)
  •          Thinning hair that is magnified due to medication eg insulin, blood pressure medication, anti-inflammatory, chemotherapy, anti-depressants

All Natural

No colour or fragrance



It is not only men who struggle with thinning hair with one million Aussie women battling the condition

  • by: Eleanor Pendleton and Sigourney Cantelo
  • From: News Corp Australia
  • May 03, 2014 6:00PM


A major scientific advance for hair loss has been made by Melbourne-based regenerative health consultant Arthur Chan. He’s developed a product called Activance containing the vitaminoid Rhodanide, which was given to humans and animals after World War II to boost their immune systems. A surprise side-effect was an improvement in the quality of their hair or fur.

A 1997 study by a German university found that Rhodanide stimulates hair follicle activity and regulates growth, while further US research revealed that it can block the damaging effects of DHT, a derivative of the male hormone testosterone which is thought to cause hair loss.

Trichologist Tony Pearce, of the National Trichology Services, says a prescription version of Activance is one of the more effective products he’s seen for hair loss. Plus, he adds, it’s a more natural alternative to the mainstream pharmacy product minoxidil (sold as Rogaine), which means it’s suitable for breastfeeding or pregnant women or those with sensitive scalps.

However, he says no treatment will be effective until the cause of the hair loss is treated. “Women’s hair is a reflection of what’s going on in their bodies. It could be hormonal, caused by an underactive thyroid, coeliac disease or stress. See a professional to get to the bottom of what’s causing it.”

 Activance Hypoallergenic Leave-In Treatment is similar to the prescription version, but available over the counter.

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