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Dec 10, 2015 Diet & Nutrition Wellness Tips AMC Team 180 views

What: what is it?

Our Digestive Health Detox is a thoroughly researched combination of supplements, dietary choices and lifestyle suggestions all with the same aim of improving your overall health. This detox looks at healing, sealing and soothing the digestive system whilst gently supporting the liver. This program does not focus on internal supplement use only, it also looks at your external stimuli and mental thought patterns. We believe that to truly detoxify and heal your body, all aspects of toxic exposure must be examined.

Your digestive system wall is a barrier that allows or denies entry into your internal environment; don’t settle for a less than optimal digestive system. Our Digestive Health Detox is a specialised detox that focuses on aiding digestion, removing any bad bacteria, alkalising/acidifying the digestive system, healing the digestive walls and re-populating the digestive system with healthy bacteria. These are the areas that we have found need the most support and create the biggest health benefit for the patient. Optimising your digestive system can set you up for a better overall health outcome.

Certain lifestyle factors or genetic tendencies can alter the way our body reacts with certain foods. Irritable bowel syndrome is one of the most commonly diagnosed digestive disorders of our present society. This diagnosis encompasses a poor digestive system that often results in significant symptoms that can interfere with our daily life. Do not settle for a less than optimal digestive system; what is allowed entry into the body plays a major role in your internal health.

To get the best results from your detox program, it is strongly encouraged that all patients adhere to our detox diet. This diet consists primarily of ‘real food’ that is as close to its original ‘packaging’ as possible. This diet focuses on providing the body with nutritious foods that not only supply the body with quality nutrients, but similarly, do not burden the body with any excess digestion or external chemicals. This diet consists of numerous fresh fruits, vegetables, certain meats and beverages to enjoy, all of which is quite achievable for the average person.

Why: why would you do it?

Lifestyle habits, emotional state and dietary choices can all affect your digestive health. If you are suffering from any digestive upset (constipation, bloating, reflux, diarrhoea, etc.) this can indicate that your digestive system is suffering. As the digestive system is the barrier separating the outside environment from the internal environment, sufficient digestive health and function is extremely important to overall health.

Poor diet and lifestyle choices can interfere with your digestive function. These negative effects can often be felt as bloating, heart burn, pain, etc. with constipation and/or diarrhoea being further indicators of dysfunction. Continued exposure to symptom provoking foods can further harm your digestive system and overall health. If you are suffering from long term digestive complaints it is highly recommended that you endeavour to fix it. A digestive detox may be the answer.

When: when is the best time to complete a detox?

If you are experiencing any digestive symptoms, then it is time to ask yourself if right now is an appropriate time to commit to a 6 week detox.

As a detox involves stirring up toxins in order to remove them, a certain level of stamina is required to ensure beneficial results. A general state of good health will be confirmed by one of our naturopaths before a detox can be prescribed. This is to ensure that no feeling of ill-health or ‘healing crisis’ is experienced. Further to this, specific areas of the body, including pathways of elimination, will be thoroughly questioned to ensure that the detox is appropriate for you. If a detox is not deemed appropriate, alternative treatment options will be discussed.

Once a detox has been deemed appropriate, it is recommended that you take your lifestyle into consideration. While on the detox it is recommended to avoid all forms of alcohol and processed foods. Making sure that you do not have a special occasion, social outing or holiday coming up can make the process much more achievable and enjoyable. Similarly, you need to commit yourself to a six week period where you are aware that it will be within your best interest to maintain the healthy eating and drinking suggestions. This will result in you getting the best out of the detox.

A well thought out detox can be a beneficial program for most people. If you feel like you could do with a good detox, please give us a call, or request a call back so that one of our naturopaths can contact you.

Our goal while on the program

Put simply, we like to see our patients get the best results. Prior to the detox we explain and prepare all patients for what is expected while on the detox. We provide an allowable foods list, lifestyle tips, tips to reduce toxic burden, instructions for how to identify toxic plastics, chemicals and cosmetics and handy tips to stay on track. We do our best to ensure that each patient knows how to get the best out of the program.

In addition to this, each patient receives weekly contact to check in and see how they are going. This is an ideal chance to ask any questions, check on your progress and ask for any help if needed. We also send out weekly recipes that can make cooking and eating that much more enjoyable. Further to this, each patient has the option of calling or email at any stage of the program, for if they have any further questions or concerns. Our patient’s success is our success.

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