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Aug 31, 2015 News AMC Team 454 views

1f28c6e6d5b00169f6e4d9b7157eb4dcMenopause is something that all women will experience at some point, and for that reason nobody should ever feel alone in their struggle. Sometimes it can be difficult to find the support you need, but the good news is that there are a number of support and advice blogs available online. There, you can not only meet women who are also going through the experience, but find some advice and tips to make menopause progress much smoother.

My Menopausal Musings

An entertaining blog that covers the life of a menopausal woman, Michelle Churchill, My Menopausal Musings covers her life experiences as well as her menopausal experiences. A great read for entertainment, many women will identify and relate with her posts and stories.

Menopausal Monster

In the sea of serious blogs and information sites, sometimes comic relief is needed. This blog is no longer updated as Denise has since gone post-menopausal, however her musings and observations are still relevant, and more importantly, entertaining and engaging for those going through menopause now.

Menopause Goddess Blog

Led by Lynette Sheppard, this blog and community has grown to include a number of women from various walks of life. A resourceful, open, and informative blog that shares experiences and features the latest in all things menopause.


This creative blog is run by Robin Donovan, who started out by sharing her experiences with other women in the same boat. Her aim is to provide support to women so that they don’t feel alone during the menopausal period. She has regular posts on her person blog and even has a podcast you can listen to.

Is This the Middle?

An entertaining blog where Melanie Bruce shares her personal stories of life with menopause. An entertaining read and a good chance to break up the health and medical focused resources on menopause.

Friend for the Ride

Follow Barbara Younger’s adventures with menopause as she writes about her experiences in a humorous and entertaining way. Her motivation behind starting the blog was purely to make other women realise that they’re not alone in this journey.

Fab Over 50

Created for fellow menopausal women to share their experiences, this blog is more than just a simple resource. Personal stories, news, tips, and additional content that appeals to any women over 50 makes this blog a good one to read.

Smart Living Menopause Blog

The menopause blogs housed within the Smart Living website are home to some useful resources and thought provoking posts about menopause. The blog hasn’t been updated for some time, but the past posts are still worth a read.

Female Menopause Mentors

An excellent place to ask questions in a safe environment, this blog is full of support and up-to-date information. Anna Vaillancourt is a menopause coach and provides a host of free information throughout her blog posts.

Red Hot Mamas

Run by Karen Giblin, the Red Hot Mamas is the largest menopause education program in the US. Her blog has countless bits of information and articles that are worth reading for a more expert take on menopause.

Knowing that all women experience menopause is not always enough to give you a peace of mind when you first starting going through your own experience. However these resources can go a long way towards helping you understand and deal with menopause, embracing it as a period of transition and development, rather than fearing its arrival.

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