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Omega 3 Supplementation Lowers Inflammation


[1] The trial looked at various markers of inflammation. These markers decreased by 10-12% while the placebo capsules had a 36% increase. The doses of Omega 3 used in the trial
were either 1.25g/ day or 2.5 g/ day. The placebo capsules mirrored the portions of fatty acids in a typical American diet. This would be similar to an average Australian diet.
The individuals participating in the trial were on average age of 51 years as well as sedentary and overweight (the average BMI = 30.59).
The data provides a window into ways in which Omega 3 may impact disease onset, progression and possible resolution.
The study determined that Omega 3 supplementation reduced inflammation in overweight, sedentary middle-aged and older adults and Omega 3 could have broad health benefits.

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