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The Joys of Ageing

12 Jan 2018

I didn't get old on purpose, it just happened. If you're lucky, it could happen to you. - Andy Ronney Some might think there is no joy in ageing but I beg to differ. Our age is only a chronical indication of how many years we’ve been on Earth. I

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Susie’s Tips on Happiness

03 May 2017

For this month’s AMC Newsletter I’ve been asked to give my tips on “How to Be Happy and Love the Moment and How to Get the Most Out of Life”. I thought I’d start by asking; Can we measure how happy we really are? According to a mate of mi

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Is your love life lacking? Do you want to improve your Moods?

03 Feb 2014

Is your love life lacking drive and desire? Do you want to improve your mood and happiness? Oxytocin is a hormone mainly known for its effects on the cervix and the uterus during childbirth. However it is the effects of oxytocin on the human sexual

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