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Need A Reason to Munch on Some Cherries This Holiday Season? Sleep!

15 Nov 2018

Written by Annmarie Cannone, Naturopath. M. Hum Nutr, Grad Dip Naturopathy, B. App Sci (Naturopathic Studies) Meet the author: Annmarie is a highly qualified Naturopath and Nutritionist having graduated from the University of Western Sydney with b

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Need More Sleep? Did You Know: Humans Need Less Sleep Than Any Other Primate!

15 Mar 2017

Most of us feel like we need more sleep, but as a species, we have evolved to sleep less than any other primate. The most promising discovery for this theory is that whilst humans have evolved to spend less time sleeping, they have also evolved to sl

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06 May 2014

Melatonin is a hormone secreted by the pineal gland in the brain. It helps regulate other hormones and maintains the body's circadian rhythm. The circadian rhythm is an internal 24-hour “clock” that plays a critical role in when we fall asleep an

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