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At the Australian Menopause Centre we have developed three detox programs that focus on supporting the body, enhancing health and changing habits. All of our detox programs come with Naturopathically chosen supplements, dietary and lifestyle advice, and regular Naturopathic support.

Weight Loss Detox: 6 weeks

If you are having trouble losing weight, or can’t get over a weight loss plateau then this detox is for you! This program focuses on liver health, digestive health and digestive mucosa. Did you know that the bugs in your gut can influence your chance of type II diabetes and that they may be the reason for your poor eating habits?

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Digestive Health Detox: 6 weeks

Do you suffer from poor digestion, diarrhoea, constipation or pain? If your digestive issues are getting on your nerves, or if you are embarrassed about your bowel habits, speak to one of our naturopaths to see if this would be beneficial for you. This detox focuses on supporting the digestive walls, encouraging optimal digestion and supporting the liver.

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Hormone Specific Detox: 4 weeks

Too much junk in the body can affect the way your hormones communicate, or don’t communicate within the body. If your body is not settling well with the bio-identical hormones, a Hormone Specific Detox may be what the body needs to clean those communication channels. This program focuses on liver health, inflammation and elimination pathways.

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Ideally, a detox should be completed on a yearly basis in order to keep the body in tip-top condition. If you are interested in discussing these detox options, please contact us so that a Naturopathic appointment can be organised.

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