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We Are What We Eat



The old saying ‘we are what we eat’ may be annoying to hear, but it points out the importance of your food choices.

Paleo, ketosis, Atkins, the Food Pyramid, CSIRO, with so many diets out there being thoroughly debated, it is easy to be overwhelmed and confused.

Our bodies need fuel to function and it’s up to you whether you choose unleaded, or super. Eating fresh, healthy, ‘real’ foods provides the body with the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that it needs to maintain cellular communication, provide energy, improve brain clarity, improve moods and support growth.

The absolute best thing you can do for your body, is provide it ‘real foods’ at quantities that your body is hungry for. Look for foods that are recognisably grown or raised in a farm environment. Look for foods that have not been processed or packaged in a way that will make it last four years on a shelf.

Putting all the specifics aside, look for:

  • Fresh, organic if possible
  • Wholesome


  • Processed
  • Packaged

Enjoy a variety of foods, ensuring that you are coving all food groups.

Eating does not have to be confusing. Be sensible. Reap the benefits.