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Night sweats are one of the most common symptoms of menopause, leaving women with disturbed sleep and resulting in exhaustion during the day as a consequence. There is evidence that more than 70% of menopausal women experience this symptom. Night sweats are related to hot flushes in that the symptoms are the same, only that they occur at night and in the midst of sleep resulting in waking with sweat drenched sheets. Often this can happen several times during the night causing broken sleep and inconvenience.

Night sweats affect women in different ways with some women suffering more than others. They can be unpredictable. This can cause problems with partners who cannot work out why suddenly the bed clothes have been thrown off waking them from a warm slumber to find their partner in a lather of sweat.
Night Sweats in Menopause

Falling oestrogen levels during menopause play havoc with the part of the brain known as the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus controls the body’s temperature. It is thought that somehow the hypothalamus is confused by the low levels of oestrogen and that the body is overheating. The result is that the usual defences to overheating come into play culminating in excessive sweating and reddening of the skin in an effort to cool the body down.

The disturbance to sleep patterns caused by night sweats in menopause and peri-menopause can lead to a number of other problems which can include irritability, difficulties in concentration, insomnia and other sleep disorders, exhaustion, increased stress as well as extreme tiredness.

It is important to know that night sweats are a result of hormonal imbalance brought about by the onset of menopause and while menopause is the most common cause of night sweats in women there are other possible causes which should be considered and ruled out. Sleep apnoea, thyroid dysfunction and diabetes can also cause night sweats.

There are ways to lessen the occurrences of night sweats. By avoiding spicy foods, alcohol, heavy bed clothes and blankets, overheated bedrooms, too much clothing, smoking and even too much coffee. If however you have a hormonal imbalance brought about by menopause, this will be the more likely culprit and it is necessary to seek help.

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