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This month we have Phyto Pro on special.

Phyto Pro is a naturopathically formulated herbal supplement aimed at supporting liver detoxification.

Phyto Pro contains a high-quality milk thistle, turmeric, broccoli and schisandra to support detoxification pathways. Silybins from milk thistle help to protect against liver toxins. Milk Thistle and globe artichoke promote bile secretion and globe artichoke protects against oxidative damage.

This formulation is ideal for:

  • Supporting the detoxifying capacity of the liver and increase bile output to maintain natural body waste elimination.
  • Supporting liver regeneration and healthy liver function via its hepatoprotective properties.
  • Contains milk thistle, and BCM-95TM turmeric with enhanced bioavailability.

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Disclaimer: AMC receives profit from the sale of this product.

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