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This month we have Ultra Flora LGG Forte on special.

Ultra Flora LGG Forte is a naturopathically formulated, pharmaceutical grade probiotic aimed at maintaining beneficial bacteria and immune health.

Ultra Flora LGG Forte can be used for a wide range of microbiome health concerns and for immune conditions and gastrointestinal function. It contains the authentic LGG® strain, with over 20 years of clinical research.

No refrigeration is required – it remains at full strength for the length of shelf life (when stored below 25°C). Ultra Flora LGG Forte contains 20 billion live bacteria for a convenient 1 a day dose.

As part of your Australian Menopause Centre treatment program*, you have complimentary access to our Naturopaths and Nutritionists, and your patient care consultant can book you in. Alternatively, if you are not an Australian Menopause Centre patient, appointments are still available.

If you have any questions, please let us know via return email, or by calling 1300 883 405.

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Disclaimer: AMC receives profit from the sale of this supplement.

*Patients on a self-managed treatment program incur an appointment fee.

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