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Breaking News: Vitamin D – Not just for bone health


Vitamin D has always been attributed to its benefit on calcium absorption and therefore bone health and density. In recent times, there has been some evidence suggesting the beneficial role this Vitamin can have on immune function, multiple sclerosis, and metabolic diseases.

The most recent evidence suggests Vitamin D may be beneficial in preventing respiratory tract infections and the common cold, especially in individuals who have this deficiency. In Australia, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 1 in 4 Australians suffer from some degree of Vitamin D deficiency. Those who have darker skin, have minimal exposure to sunlight or those who cover their skin due to cultural/religious reasons are more inclined to suffer from Vitamin D deficiency.

A recent meta-analysis was conducted and found that Vitamin D supplementation, taken at a daily or weekly dose, was able to protect against colds and flus in those with Vitamin D deficiency. The reason as to why intermittent dosing is affective, is yet to be accurately known.

The essential point is daily supplementation with at least 1,000IU per day of Vitamin D, appears to be beneficial in improving the immune response and reducing the incidence of upper respiratory tract infections, including the common cold. On top of this, daily dosing appears to be safe with very minimal side effects.

Now that winter is fast approaching and the weather is turning rather cold, have your Vitamin D levels assessed and supplement accordingly, to prevent the dreaded winter cold.


Written by Annmarie Cannone

M.Hum Nut, Grad Dip Naturopathy, B.App Sci (Naturopathic Studies)