Lifestyle Choices that can Intensify Menopausal Discomfort

As menopause makes its entrance, our familiarity with the profound impact of lifestyle choices on our health outcomes becomes increasingly evident, touching every aspect—physical, mental, […]

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Our Top 10 Tips for Slowing Down Ageing During and After Menopause

If there was truly a way to stop ageing in its tracks, many of us would be rushing to the front of the line. While […]

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Battling the Bulge: Weight Management and Menopause

Ever seen a movie scene where the lead actress is approaching menopause, and she’s not happy about it? Odds are high that she complained about […]

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How To Balance Your Hormones and Health With Yoga and Pilates During Menopause

Fluctuating hormones. Completely new physical experiences. Changes to your mood, mental health, and emotional sense of self. In the midst of menopause’s many changes, what […]

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