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A common and uncomfortable symptom of menopause is the feeling of bloating. It is characterised by an uncomfortable feeling of fulness sometimes causing pain and discomfort or a cramped feeling in the abdomen. Increased abdominal gas is also a contributor to bloating.

It is important to understand why bloating happens so frequently among women of menopausal age in order to gain a handle on this uncomfortably familiar symptom. Whilst some women may experience bloating occasionally, the extent and length of each episode of bloating can vary from woman to woman.

What are the symptoms and causes of bloating?
Hormonal changes can contribute to bloating. Bloating can be attributed to levels of oestrogen and progesterone.

Higher levels of oestrogen usually mean water retention. During menopause oestrogen levels become unstable or erratic and these fluctuating levels can lead to an increase in bloating.

Low levels of Progesterone which is a natural diuretic can also mean that women will experience bloating. Oestrogen can also have an effect on the production of bile which is produced in the liver and stored in the gall bladder. The body produces bile through the liver. Bile aids digestion and is also a lubricant in the small intestine. So, if the bile production is reduced, bloating and constipation can develop. Stools in the large intestine dry up, become hard and accumulate due to lack of lubrication. Needless to say this leads to a very uncomfortable feeling.

Other causes
Sometimes stress, or diet can contribute to bloating but it is more likely that it is hormone variations that are the cause, especially in women at menopause age.

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