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Menopause and depression can have a surprising similarity of symptoms. Symptoms such as irritability, sleeplessness, fatigue and tiredness, concentration problems and anxiety are all symptoms of menopause but can also be symptoms of depression.

Yet depression is a common symptom of menopause and as hormonal imbalance is a main contributor to depression and as such, can be treated. Women in particular seem to be more prone to depression and when menopausal, they become even more vulnerable. Determining the signs and symptoms of depression can be a challenge.

What is Depression?
The term depression in general can be used to describe a period of sadness, feelings of despondency, a lack of desire to go on and disinterest in things that once were important. Experts differ on the types of depression and some think that there may be from three to six different forms of depression.

Hormones can have a strong influence on feelings of depression. The lines can be blurred making it difficult to distinguish how much can be attributed to the decline in hormones and those that might be linked to the number of changes in everyday life brought about because of menopause.

Causes of Depression during Menopause
A decrease in the level of oestrogen is a major contributor to changes in mood as well as brain function. It is known that oestrogen has multiple effects on neurotransmitter function, metabolism of glucose and brain aging. Along with symptoms of hot flushes and anxiety, all these changes can lead to depression. There are of course other possible causes but certainly at menopause, hormonal changes need to be considered as the culprit.

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